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New Website Coming Soon!

I'm excited to announce I will be launching my new and improved website very soon!

This site will be the new home for my blog posts, in addition to other information about myself and services. But this new site will also give you the opportunity to:

  • download free resources
  • watch client videos
  • request a free giving analysis
  • search posts more easily

And it will all appear in a modern layout and fresh design that makes the site easy to navigate.

I'm looking forward to sharing the new site with you soon. Stay tuned for more to come!

30% of All Giving Occurs in December

Did you know 30% of all charitable giving occurs in the month of December? 

Even more shocking is this statistic - 10% of all giving occurs during the last three days of the year! 

Here’s a snippet from Network for Good’s Digital Giving Index infographic recapping 2013 online giving. (view infographic online)

Year-End Giving

Many of your givers often plan to make that year-end gift on the very last Sunday of the year. This year that Sunday falls on December 28, while your people may still be out of town enjoying Christmas with relatives.

I anticipate there will be several who drive to your church office during that last week of the year to give that last gift in time for the 2014 tax deduction. (I remember doing this more than once before the convenience of online giving.)

What should you be doing to prepare for this? Begin educating your people now: Read more »

Millennials Struggle with Budgeting

Millennials BudgetingMillennials are, in many ways, shaping the future of our country. From their love of technology we talked about in last week’s post to their work habits and communication preferences, we are seeing a shift on several fronts.

Another topic to add to the list - budgeting. From a September 2014 USA Today article, we learn budgeting is a struggle for many Millennials. And with 44.5 million 20-somethings currently in the US (the nation’s largest age group), this could have long-lasting implications.

Many Millennials value finding a good job, spending time with friends, and paying back student loans much more than they appreciate collecting receipts, monitoring expenses, and controlling spending. Read more »

Millennials and their Smart Phones

mobile millennium87% of Millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side, day or night.

80% reach for their smartphone first thing each morning.

78% spend more than two hours a day on their smartphone.

The common perception that young adults love their smartphones has become statistical fact. And with the extreme percentages shown in a recent Zogby Analytics study, it seems to have become an obsession.

Companies who don’t offer mobile options “are missing the boat,” according to James DeBello, CEO of Mitek, the company that commissioned this study of 1,019 Millenials earlier this year. And the results of the study back it up. 

Those surveyed were asked for their reaction to a business that doesn’t offer a mobile website or apps, and 14% said they would not want to “do business with a company this behind the times.” Read more »

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