Church Generosity Mistakes: Ignoring Your Data

As a church leader, you wear a number of hats. On any given day, you’re a counselor, administrator, teacher, mediator, and—depending on the size of your ministry—all the “chiefs”: financial officer, marketing officer, operations officer, information officer....

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Church Generosity Mistakes: 52 Missed Opportunities

You’d love for the people in your church to be more generous—for all sorts of reasons. You’ve done everything you know how to do, but you just don’t feel like the needle’s moving as far as it could. Or should. I hear that a lot. After doing generosity audits and...

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Church Generosity Mistakes: Avoiding the Topic

Most church leaders find the topic of money exceedingly uncomfortable—so they talk about it as seldom as possible. But more and more pastors are discovering the benefits of talking about generosity more, not less. (If just reading that sentence made you a little...

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Church Generosity Mistakes: Not Having an Annual Plan

The topic of money can feel a bit tricky. While you’re sensitive to culture’s perception of the church as “always asking for money,” you also know addressing people’s giving is a crucial part of ministry. That’s partly because your budget depends on your church...

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One Email Will Increase Your Year-End Giving

More than 18% of all giving occurs in December, making it the most charitable month of the year. Last year, 23% of online giving to church happened in December. Let's leverage those statistics to your advantage and increase your year-end giving. To have a successful...

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Four Reasons to Send a Giving Statement in Early December

Many churches are uncertain about sending multiple giving statements throughout the year. Some are unsure about how often to send them. Others choose to not send them because of the cost involved or because they don't want to burden their administrative staff. Most...

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Four Giving Trends to Act On

As church participation continues to decline, even the most optimistic, faith-fueled pastors are taking notice. In the midst of discouraging attendance trends, it's essential that church leaders keep a cool head—and a prayerful heart. God's church is designed...

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3 Simple Tips to Improve This Weekend’s Offering

(and one big mistake you might be making)

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