Winning the Battle – Part One – Mission

Generosity // October 10, 2010

What is the number one reason donors give for why they choose to support a particular non-profit? Their belief in the mission or cause of the organization.

They align themselves with what you are doing, they identify with you, and they are moved to support your mission. So what is your ministry mission – the answer to the question: “What are we doing?”

I am not speaking of the great commission here, which is commonly the answer I get. That should be the calling of every church.

But beyond that, how has God specifically called your church to accomplish, what is uniquely your calling?

What makes you different from the church down the street? From all the other churches in town?

You may need to work on Mission depending upon your evaluation of these key thoughts:

  • Is your mission easily understood?
  • Is it easy to remember and recite?
  • Can your mission be stated in just a few words?
  • If you stopped people in the hall during the weekend and asked them their understanding of your ministry mission, could they answer?
  • Would you consistently hear the correct response?
  • Are people excited as they share their answer with you?

If you honestly evaluate these questions and know the answer to one or more of them is “no” then the first place to start to impact giving in your church is here. It is not a quick fix, but it will have a lasting impact!

There are volumes written on this topic, but one of the more recent entries and one of my favorites is Church Unique by Will Mancini. It is worth the read, regardless of where you think you are regarding mission. Will and his group Auxano can bring vision clarity to your ministry.

One of the absolute best examples of a clear mission is found in a non-profit that has created a great Public Service Announcement (PSA) video. Without giving you the name or the organization or what they do, watch this 60-second PSA and then you answer the questions – What is their mission? Is it easily understood? Can and will you remember it with clarity?

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