5 Things People Need to Know Before they will Give

5 Things People Need to Know Before they will Give

Your people have questions. And they’re not just about the next children’s ministry event or where to take their canned goods for the food pantry. They have questions about giving – big questions about why they should give and what happens to their...

Amazon.com??? I Thought I Just Contributed to My Church!

“I give to places outside my church because I believe my money is used more effectively in other organizations.” “Other nonprofits do more to solve a problem.” “My generation wants to give to something that makes an impact.” (from a millennial) “When it (money) goes...

Eliminating Generosity Obstacles – Part Three

This is the final in a three-part post on Eliminating Generosity Obstacles through effective online giving. The previous two posts can be found here: Part One Part Two Part of the local church’s work is to help Christ followers identify and eliminate barriers on our...

3 Simple Tips to Improve This Weekend’s Offering

(and one big mistake you might be making)

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