Pastor, How is your Generosity Report Card?

Leadership // April 14, 2010

We recently received the latest report card from my daughter’s high school. (She holds a 4.0 by the way – way to go, Ashley!)

Every quarter we get the grade card, and every mid-term we receive a progress report. As a former educator, I love reviewing the comments and up-to-date reports from her teachers.

It’s a barometer that reflects the status of her work, timeliness of her assignments and overall participation in class. Without these reports, it would be difficult to evaluate the state of her progress toward agreed upon goals.

As a pastor, it is critical for you to review your personal generosity report card. Where are you in your regular giving to the mission and ministry of your church, as well as giving toward any pledges you may have made toward a current capital initiative?

One of the keys to training solicitors to make visits in a secular capital campaign, is for the solicitor to have their own commitment prior to asking others to join in the effort. The same goes for you – as the spiritual navigator for your ministry, it is vital that you are personally on track with your giving, before attempting to lead your congregation in their giving.

Here are some personal questions for reflection:

  • Do you know the current status for your year-to-date giving?
  • Why do you give what you give?
  • Are you and your family committed to the Biblical tithe?
  • Is the first payment you make out of your paycheck written to the church?
  • Do you regularly give over and above gifts (offerings) to your church?
  • When is the last time you intentionally looked for an opportunity to anonymously give an unexpected gift to someone in need?
  • Do you have any debt beyond your mortgage?

The stronger you are in your beliefs and practices about giving, the easier it will be for you to offer challenges to others regarding generosity in their giving.

There is no better barometer of a believer’s heart than a review of the cash flow statement. How we steward the resources God has given us directly reflects the condition of our trust and faith in God. How is your generosity report card?

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As a church leader, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the funding to do what God’s calling you to do. But when you think about trying to address that problem, you feel overwhelmed, you dread the potential pushback from your congregation, and you’re not sure where to turn for help. Over the last 18 years, I’ve helped more than 120 churches close the gap between their current financial reality and what they need to move forward in ministry.

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