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Technology // April 21, 2015

With fewer of us carrying cash in our pockets and more of us carrying smartphones in our hands, mobile giving and technology have become popular topics among church leaders. And they should be. Part of our responsibility to future generations of givers means we need to consider new technologies that encourage generosity.

As a church leader, have you ever asked any of these questions?

  • How can we encourage younger generations to give (or start giving)?
  • What should the online giving experience look like?
  • What giving technologies are most efficient and effective?
  • How can my church afford to employ new giving technologies?
  • Where do we start when considering new giving technologies?

I’ll soon uncover answers to these questions (and many more) in my brand new e-book titled “Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving” coming in May.

leveraging technology to accelerate giving

In this resource I will:

  • provide an overview of why giving technology is so vital to the health of the church
  • resolve some common giving technology myths
  • teach you how to reach Millennials (the future givers of your church)
  • share with you how to remove the hurdles of online giving
  • show examples of the ideal online giving experience
  • recommend giving technology to consider
  • provide a self-analysis to help you understand your current position in the realm of giving technology

Many pastors across the country asked me questions on this topic in my reader survey late last year, and I’m excited to provide you a very thorough answer in this resource. I can hardly wait for you to have this information all in one place so we can partner together to improve giving technology in the church.

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