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Technology // June 9, 2015

What should the online giving experience look like? What giving technologies are most efficient and effective? How can my church afford to employ new giving technologies? How do we reach every generation of givers in the church?

leveraging technology to accelerate giving

Do these questions resonate with you? I bet as a church leader you’ve asked something along these lines at some point in time because you know the importance of generosity in the church.

I’m happy to provide you the answers to these questions today! It’s all in my newest resource, an e-book titled “Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving.” And this 37-page e-book is available to you today for free!



The bulk of the e-book actually gets pretty practical. Once you download it you’ll quickly find:

  • resolution to some common giving technology myths
  • teaching on how to reach Millennials (the future givers of your church)
  • guidance on how to remove the hurdles of online giving
  • examples of the ideal online giving experience
  • recommendations on giving technology to consider
  • a self-analysis to help you understand your current position in the realm of giving technology

I even talk one-on-one with the providers of this technology. That’s just how important this is! In fact, two of the pastors I’ve recently worked with agree with me. Here’s what they said:

“Lots of consultants would tell you to use giving technology. But Rusty actually tells you why and shows you how in this easy-to-read e-book. What a valuable and practical resource pastors everywhere should read!”
– Pastor Mike Schreiner, Morning Star


“Rusty offers a practical approach to a sometimes overly complicated topic in this e-book about the technology of giving. It’s a much needed resource for any pastor interested in accelerating generosity.”
– Rev. Matt Miofsky, The Gathering


With online banking and smartphone mobile pay apps, we simply aren’t carrying cash and checks like we used to. And that means we’re not carrying them to your church service either. When you don’t offer an alternative giving method, you have actually created an obstacle in someone’s way of giving to your church. Younger generations have smartphones by their side day and night. It’s our responsibility to meet them where they are if we are going to encourage them on their giving journey.

Here’s a sneak peek into the book… the chapter on Millennials and technology. The common perception that young adults love their smartphones has become a statistical fact. This information alone is a strong case for e-giving.

Many pastors across the country asked me questions on this topic in my reader survey late last year, and I’m excited to provide you a very thorough answer in this resource. I can hardly wait for you to have this information all in one place so we can partner together to improve giving technology in the church.

So I encourage you to download your free copy today. This is one thing you can address to accelerate generosity for years to come.

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