Normalizing Conversations About Money Through Small Groups

Generosity // January 4, 2018

Many pastors feel uneasy about bringing up the topic of money. You might get brave enough to talk about it during November as part of an annual “giving campaign,” and you’ll preach four or five money-themed messages (in a row!) during a building project every few years. But frequent and regular mentions of money typically don’t happen.

You see, pastors tend to reserve conversations about money for special occasions and big asks, thinking they’re less likely to offend or anger their church family if they talk about touchy subjects less often. In reality, the opposite is true. The more we normalize conversations about money, the more joyfully and sacrificially people will give.

Generosity-Themed Small Groups

One way to normalize conversations about financial discipleship—to develop a culture of ongoing generosity—is to take the topic outside of weekend worship services and into your Bible studies and small groups or life groups.

As you plan your 2018 Small Group strategy, consider including one or more of the following generosity small group resources:

Overflow: A Life Refreshed by Generosity by GenerousChurch
Overflow is a video-based curriculum that encourages “whole-life generosity” through compelling stories and discussion questions. (Generis clients with a minimum order of one case qualify for a discount at Use code “Generis” to apply a 5% discount when you make your purchase.)

The Genius of Generosity by Chip Ingram
The Genius of Generosity offers fresh, thought-provoking concepts about generosity, examples of people living out the genius of generosity in real life, as well as summaries and reflection questions designed to help guide your personal reflection or small group reflection.

Living Generously by Reimagine Group
If your community struggles to give God their first and finest, Living Generously can help you build a culture of generosity. This five-week, church-wide series includes high-quality cinematic films, sermon guides, Sunday school or small group resources, and more!

The Treasure Principle: Unlock the Secret of Joyful Living by Randy Alcorn
Jesus spent more time talking about money and possessions than about heaven and hell combined. But too often we’ve overlooked or misunderstood his most profound teaching on this topic, from his words in Matthew 6. In The Treasure Principle, readers are moved from the realms of thoughtful Bible exposition into the highly personal arena of everyday life.

Generous Life by LifeWay
Work toward creating a culture of gospel-centered generosity in your church with Generous Life: a five-week study that will help all members of your church identify the type of giver they are and the kind of giver God is making them to be. This study includes message outlines, adult group leader guides, youth group leader guides, children group leader guides, preschool leader guides, family devotionals, and an optional media kit.

Managing Our Finances God’s Way by Saddleback Church
This seven-part study kit shows your church how to live debt-free and glorify God with their money so they can experience joy in his blessings. Video lessons are taught by Rick Warren, Chip Ingram, Ron Blue, Howard Dayton, and Chuck Bentley.

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As a church leader, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the funding to do what God’s calling you to do. But when you think about trying to address that problem, you feel overwhelmed, you dread the potential pushback from your congregation, and you’re not sure where to turn for help. Over the last 18 years, I’ve helped more than 120 churches close the gap between their current financial reality and what they need to move forward in ministry.

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