A Practical Sneak Peek of My New Generosity E-Book

Communication // October 13, 2015

It’s e-book launch month again! And after the feedback I received from my last e-book, I can hardly wait to get this one in your hands. As I promised in my last blog post, this is another very practical resource to help your church accelerate generosity – this time with a focus on intentional communication.

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While my co-author and designer Kaycee and I are finalizing the very last details, I wanted to provide you, my faithful blog readers, a sample of what this resource holds for you and your church.

So let’s take a look today at chapter 4 – specifically the section on worship bulletins. (I told you it was super practical!)


Part of the purpose of your bulletin, whether you are intentional about it or not, is that it informs and educates those who have just come through your doors, especially the very first time.

Along with telling about your church and its events, you have an opportunity with your bulletin to cast vision, to celebrate what God is doing in the life of your church. And that is a necessary and powerful message to communicate. 

Now, are we suggesting you dedicate a third of your bulletin to this cause every week. No, we’re not. (But you sure could if you had that kind of room!)  Here is what are suggesting, in a few practical options you can try today.

Reserve a portion of your bulletin every couple of weeks to provide a ministry update of an event you had just recently been promoting in your bulletin. Share the results of the event and the difference it made, and thank your people for their generosity that made it possible.

Showcase a story of generosity in your bulletin once per month. Provide updates from missionaries you support, tell stories of blessing after financial obedience, give updates on ongoing projects, and celebrate life change.

And if there’s no possible way you can squeeze even one inch of generosity into your weekly bulletin, work around it! Creating a monthly bulletin insert is a great way to go – it calls attention to itself when your bulletin is opened, and it provides ample room for photos and storytelling.

Remember, sharing these stories helps “connect the dots” between generosity and ministry impact for your people. As these examples continue to be shared in your bulletin, and in multiple other ways over time, people will soon understand that your church is a place that makes a difference in the lives of people. They will become more and more secure and encouraged to give to your ministry, and that helps to make your vision a reality.

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In the actual e-book that will come out here in just a few days now, you’ll get even more information about worship bulletins, along with a sample to give you an idea about how to incorporate this sort of strategic communication in your weekly design. And you’ll get practical ideas on communicating generosity in a total of eight different communication vehicles, along with samples of each!

Stay tuned to my blog for more information and to be alerted when this resources is available for free download.

UPDATE: this e-book is now available for download.


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