Church Management Systems: Your Role as an Executive Leader

Leadership // April 9, 2014

We hosted another “On the Table” pastor’s luncheon in the Kansas City area last week and had over 50 area pastors and church leaders in attendance. Steve Caton of Church Community Builder was our speaker, and the topic “On the Table” was “Leveraging Technology To Make a Greater Impact.”

Of particular note in last week’s discussion, Steve talked about the importance of the executive leader’s role in utilizing a new Church Management System.

Here are a few of the key ideas Steve shared with us:

1. Understanding The Tools

The senior pastor of a growing church will likely focus on things outside the church management software on a day-to-day basis. Others on staff will focus on the application much more often. However, it is critical for key leaders to understand what church management systems can do and also what it cannot do in a big-picture view.

2. Building The Team

A great leader knows the importance of surrounding himself with a group of great people. Great leaders see value in organizing a skilled team of people to accomplish a goal. And the same holds true when considering a church management system. Start off by assembling a team of people who understand the current system and who can help the church commit to a new way.

3. Providing Clear Guidance

As an executive leader it is your responsibility to set clear expectations for projects up front.

Why are we doing this? What will be different at the end? What does success look like? When should we have attained these goals?

4. Helping Prioritize

Once you have your team assembled and everyone together on your vision and direction, it is time to help prioritize. Decide ahead of time what things are more important than others so your team can make appropriate decisions moving through this project together.

5. Clearing The Obstacles

As with any project, obstacles will tend to pop up and stand in your way. Sometimes people wait on approval. Sometimes obstacles are more organizational in nature.  It’s important from time to time to step in and help the team reach a decision and stay on track.

Missed this most recent Kansas City area pastor’s luncheon? Mark your calendars for the next one scheduled for October 14 and stay tuned for more information!

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