An Annual Mailing for Churches

Communication // November 22, 2010

The purpose of this letter is to encourage and thank the members of the congregation. It should be sent to everyone in your church family – not just those who have given financially during the year.

A letter of encouragement sent no later than the first week of December can only have a positive effect on year-end giving. In doing so, this gives people time to plan for a gift and/or to catch up on a capital commitment. 

I strongly encourage that you enclose a copy of their 11-month contribution statements with this mailing.

The following is a suggestion for the paragraphs of that letter to help you get started:

Paragraph #1 – A Note of Thanks

  • Acknowledge that these remain challenging times in the life of our country. (Note: I would not use the word “difficult” in this paragraph.)
  • Thank you for your faithfulness in attendance, serving, and giving this year.
  • God will honor your faithfulness and continue to grow His kingdom.

Paragraph #2 – The Good News                                                                                                    

  • Let me give you some incredibly good news about your investment in God’s work through our church.
  • This paragraph ought to give an update on the positive things that have occurred this last year in your church.
  • Include some numbers/statistics that reflect changed lives—baptisms, new members, missions, etc.
  • Include stories of life change – individual lives affected by a specific ministry of the church.
  • Talk about ministries that have been especially effective.

Paragraph #3 – Casting Vision

  • This should be a paragraph about vision and what is ahead, expressed in light of the ministries of the church.
  • If you are building, paying off debt, purchasing property, etc. a brief update is appropriate.

Paragraph #4 – The Conclusion (and thanks again)

  • This paragraph could be used to encourage the congregation to pray about a year-end gift.
  • Highlight your online giving page on the website. (You have online giving, right?)
  • It could be used to encourage new people to give to your initiative.
  • Consider a reminder about the value of donating appreciated securities.
  • You may want to remind people to catch up on their giving pledges.
  • This paragraph may be used to merely say thank you again.
  • This paragraph may be used for a personal note.

This letter needs to be no more than two pages, as there is more listed above than can be done in a single page.  Choose what is appropriate for your congregation.

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