A Simple Solution to the Church’s Summer Giving Slump

Technology // May 24, 2016

It’s a well-known and common giving metric. Warm months of summer vacations and other family plans cause a trend of lower church attendance.

And when people are absent, their giving usually is too.

Does your church’s giving look like this?
If so, please know there’s good news.
#1 – It doesn’t have to be this way.
#2 – There are steps you can take to counteract this trend (and they’re easy)!

You can fight the summer giving slump by promoting recurring giving with the help of a new and practical 12-page resource designed with that very purpose in mind.

the importance of promoting recurring giving

This step-by-step guide is an easy and quick read that will help you better understand the impact that increased recurring giving can have for your church, your people, and your ministry.

This new e-book contains:

  • a personal review of your giving system
  • staff involvement suggestions
  • measurable goal setting
  • a recommended communication plan
  • and more!

There are a few steps you can take immediately to help counteract the link between lower attendance and lower giving at your church. And they are all in one resource available to you for free.

So let’s take a proactive approach this summer by encouraging your people to continue helping fund your church’s God-sized vision!


About Rusty Lewis

As a church leader, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the funding to do what God’s calling you to do. But when you think about trying to address that problem, you feel overwhelmed, you dread the potential pushback from your congregation, and you’re not sure where to turn for help. Over the last 18 years, I’ve helped more than 120 churches close the gap between their current financial reality and what they need to move forward in ministry.

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