Giving Technology E-Book Now Available

Many pastors across the country asked me questions on this topic in my reader survey late last year, and I’m excited to provide you a very thorough answer in this resource. I can hardly wait for you to have this information all in one place so we can partner together to improve giving technology in the church.

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Millennials and their Smart Phones

Companies who don’t offer mobile options “are missing the boat,” according to James DeBello, CEO of Mitek, the company that commissioned this study of 1,019 Millenials earlier this year. And the results of the study back it up.

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What do your Numbers Really Mean?

What are your numbers? Ever been asked a question like that before? If it’s your doctor asking, then he or she is likely inquiring about your blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, height and weight, right? Basics that, at a glance, help to determine the state of...

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3 Simple Tips to Improve This Weekend’s Offering

(and one big mistake you might be making)

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