Maintaining Momentum in the Fulfillment Phase

The months leading up to a generosity initiative can feel exhausting. Given the number of decisions to be made, conversations to have, and plans to implement, it's natural to reach Commitment Weekend and think, "Whew! We're finally at the finish line!" I hate to break...

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Five Reasons NOT to Launch a Traditional Church Capital Campaign

There is an alternative approach to a traditional capital campaign, and it’s called a One Fund initiative. Rather than asking people to commit to a gift in order to fund a project (or projects) that is “over and above” their regular giving to the church, a One Fund asks people to consider their total giving to the church.

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5 Sure-Fire Ideas for Success at your Church’s Grand Opening

Seeing what happened on their grand opening day, and hearing of what happened at a church a colleague of mine has been coaching, made me want to share these success with you – to encourage you and to give you ideas on how to make something similar very special for your people. So here are two ways to ensure the success of your church’s grand opening.

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The Importance of Follow Up – Part I

Both churches were conducting their campaigns prior to the economic “collapse” that occurred in 2008. People were not anticipating the economic realities that we have faced for the past 18 months, yet they have fulfilled commitments in spite of the turmoil.

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3 Simple Tips to Improve This Weekend’s Offering

(and one big mistake you might be making)

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