Church Generosity Mistakes: Avoiding the Topic

Most church leaders find the topic of money exceedingly uncomfortable—so they talk about it as seldom as possible. But more and more pastors are discovering the benefits of talking about generosity more, not less. (If just reading that sentence made you a little...

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Church Generosity Mistakes: Not Having an Annual Plan

The topic of money can feel a bit tricky. While you’re sensitive to culture’s perception of the church as “always asking for money,” you also know addressing people’s giving is a crucial part of ministry. That’s partly because your budget depends on your church...

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Four Giving Trends to Act On

As church participation continues to decline, even the most optimistic, faith-fueled pastors are taking notice. In the midst of discouraging attendance trends, it's essential that church leaders keep a cool head—and a prayerful heart. God's church is designed...

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Five Ways to Counteract the Summer Giving Slump

For most churches, summer vacations bring a dreaded trend: Attendance wavers more than usual and giving declines. And with the exception of the most mature givers, people simply don’t make up that giving when they return. The result? We lose valuable ministry revenue....

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Giving Metrics Matter

As church leaders, we like our numbers, don't we? One of the first questions we ask one another is, "How many people attend your church?" We love learning how many people came to our Christmas and Easter gatherings. We get excited when a long-planned community event...

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How Tax Reform May Impact Giving to Your Church

As 2017 came to a close, one topic seemed to dominate the headlines: tax reform. As news of sweeping changes made its way from Capitol Hill to Facebook, assumptions were touted as truth, and opinions spawned heated arguments. Personally, I began receiving emails from...

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How to Thank Givers

Not all thank yous are created equal. When it comes to thanking people for their charitable contributions, your approach matters. This isn't the first time I've written about the value of saying thank you. I talk frequently about the importance of sharing stories to...

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3 Simple Tips to Improve This Weekend’s Offering

(and one big mistake you might be making)

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