About Rusty

In most churches…

there’s a financial gap between what they have and what’s needed to do what God’s called them to do. So they feel stuck—unable to fulfill their mission. Since 2001, I’ve worked with more than 120 churches to improve their generosity culture so they can gain the financial freedom to move forward in ministry.

Using customized approaches and proven methods, I’ve worked with churches of all sizes and denominations: new church plants of a couple hundred people to large, multi-site churches—one with weekend attendance of more than 25,000 across six locations.

My Services Include:

Ministry fund development
Capital campaign consulting
One Fund generosity initiative consulting
Major donor development strategies
Generosity audits
Pre-campaign assessments
Feasibility studies
Special projects
Planned giving initiatives

It’s a frustrating feeling when you know that the people of your church are capable of a higher level of generosity but aren’t rising to their maximum potential. We wanted to grow the overall generosity level of our church body, and after working with Rusty and implementing the generosity strategies he suggested to us, that’s exactly what’s happened. I’m always amazed at our growth in per capita giving based on our attendance numbers.

Larry Jones
Generosity Pastor, Connection Point Church

Meet Rusty

My wife Andrea and I live in the St. Louis area and have two grown children and one absolutely perfect granddaughter. I enjoy great music (played really loudly!), golfing, motorcycle riding, and Cardinal baseball.

Our church needed to add on a $7 million addition, even though we already have $9 million of debt. We felt uncertain about an approach and solution, and Rusty offered advice that was correct every time, but not forced upon us. He brought our team of leaders together and unified us in one direction, both paid staff and volunteers. We set a goal of reaching $13.7 million in commitments over two years. The result came in at $14.75 million! Our church exploded with excitement. The greatest result is we have 254 new giving families. We expect this to be the most defining moment in the history of our church because so many are trusting God with their treasure for the first time.

Steve Moore
Senior Pastor, Ten Mile Christian Church

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