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With fewer of us carrying cash in our pockets and more of us carrying smartphones in our hands, mobile giving and technology have become popular topics among church leaders. And they should be. Part of our responsibility to future generations of givers means we need to consider new technologies that encourage generosity.

As a church leader, have you ever asked any of these questions?

  • How can we encourage younger generations to give (or start giving)?
  • What should the online giving experience look like?
  • What giving technologies are most efficient and effective?
  • How can my church afford to employ new giving technologies?
  • Where do we start when considering new giving technologies?

giving technologyI’ll soon uncover answers to these questions (and many more) in my brand new e-book titled “Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving” coming in May.

(Stay tuned to Generosity Matters to download your FREE copy very soon, and be sure to let your pastor friends know about the upcoming e-book too!)

Millennials and their Smart Phones

87% of Millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side, day or night. 80% reach for their smartphone first thing each morning. 78% spend more than two hours a day on their smartphone.


The common perception that young adults love their smartphones has become statistical fact. And with the extreme percentages shown in a recent Zogby Analytics study, it seems to have become an obsession.

Q&A with the Pushpay Team on Easy Mobile Giving

85% of people will abandon a transaction if it takes longer than 30 seconds,according to research provided by Pushpay, the developers of a smartphone app that makes it possible to give in under 10 seconds.

easy mobile giving

Does it take longer than 30 seconds to make a gift on your current mobile giving system? Are you required to sign in before you can give? Do you have multiple web pages to navigate before a gift can be made?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you! Refresh your cup of coffee and read on.

Removing the Hurdles of Online Giving

So much is done electronically these days. With a swipe of the finger or a click of a button I can check my bank activity, deposit a check, buy movie tickets, and make reservations for a much-needed dinner date with my wife at our favorite restaurant. BAM! It’s done!

online church giving

We are a society on the go. We opt for quick and easy solutions, and a church’s online giving system is one more way we can provide that quick and easy solution for what generous givers desire.

Why Pastors Should Start a Video Blog

Sometimes some pastors do some things better than other pastors. In this particular case, lead pastor of Morning Star Church, Mike Schreiner hits a home run with his weekly video blog.

church video blog

To bolster this idea, a recent ChurchMag post also explains clearly why communicating via video is successful. So I don’t doubt the success Pastor Mike has with his video blog.

Every Thursday, each member who signed up for the video blog subscription gets an e-mail notification of the video that plays straight from the church website.

Giving Kiosks – Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Convenient. Fast. Innovative. Google “church giving kiosks” and you’ll find those adjectives in abundant supply on manufacturer websites . . . along with promises of marked increases in financial giving, an upsurge in event registrations, and a unicorn with your church’s logo hand-stitched on its saddle. (Okay, maybe not that one. But the claims can feel slightly far-fetched.)

church giving

“So?” you’d be right to ask your favorite generosity consultant. “Should we hire one of those companies and get things installed? I mean, the unicorn sounds amazing!”

Well . . . No. You shouldn’t. While it’s true that many churches have experienced an uptick in generosity after installing giving kiosks in their buildings, it’s important to realize that those results have very little to do with the machine itself.

The First Screen, Part Two: Mobile Web vs. Apps

In my previous post I talked about the shift to mobile communication and the need for churches to pay attention—and act—on that shift. I suspect many of you reacted with a phrase heard in middle school hallways and mall food courts: WhatEVER, dude. 

mobile church giving

But REALLY. Your church can do this mobile thing…and that “can” actually borders on “must.”

But…what about the cost?

Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between a mobile app and a mobile-friendly website. Apps can be cost-prohibitive, and even if you have the financial resources to develop one, they can be time-intensive as well. Apps themselves require time and attention; in other words, updating a mobile app creates yet another to-do item on your list. Who wants that? In comparison, mobile versions of websites automatically update when you update the regular web version.

The First Screen – The Importance of Going Mobile

An interesting shift has happened in our social landscape over the last few years. When people are made to wait—at the doctor’s office, restaurant, coffee shop, or even stoplights (unfortunately)—they rarely just sit and twiddle their thumbs. Instead, you’ll see these waiting areas filled with people with their heads bowed and attention focused entirely on their screens.

mobile giving

You’ve done it, right? Checked sport scores and movie times. Cleared Facebook and Twitter notifications. Browsed Craigslist. Played solitaire. Searched for directions. Checked email. Googled some random question about something or other.  Maybe even caught up on the latest episode of your favorite sitcom.

Eliminating Generosity Obstacles – Part Three

This is the final in a three-part post on Eliminating Generosity Obstacles through effective online giving.

eliminating obstacles

The previous two posts can be found here:

Part One

Part Two

Part of the local church’s work is to help Christ followers identify and eliminate barriers on our transformational journey. And sometimes, the church inadvertently creates those obstacles, many of them in the area of generosity.

Eliminating Generosity Obstacles – Part Two

This is part two of the post on Eliminating Generosity Obstacles through effective online giving. Part of the local church’s work is to help Christ followers identify and eliminate barriers on their transformational journey.

church online giving

And sometimes, the church inadvertently creates those obstacles, many of them in the area of generosity. Here are more obstacles to consider: