The First Screen, Part Two: Mobile Web vs. Apps

In my previous post I talked about the shift to mobile communication and the need for churches to pay attention—and act—on that shift. I suspect many of you reacted with a phrase heard in middle school hallways and mall food courts: WhatEVER, dude. 

mobile church giving

But REALLY. Your church can do this mobile thing…and that “can” actually borders on “must.”

But…what about the cost?

Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between a mobile app and a mobile-friendly website. Apps can be cost-prohibitive, and even if you have the financial resources to develop one, they can be time-intensive as well. Apps themselves require time and attention; in other words, updating a mobile app creates yet another to-do item on your list. Who wants that? In comparison, mobile versions of websites automatically update when you update the regular web version.

The First Screen – The Importance of Going Mobile

An interesting shift has happened in our social landscape over the last few years. When people are made to wait—at the doctor’s office, restaurant, coffee shop, or even stoplights (unfortunately)—they rarely just sit and twiddle their thumbs. Instead, you’ll see these waiting areas filled with people with their heads bowed and attention focused entirely on their screens.

mobile giving

You’ve done it, right? Checked sport scores and movie times. Cleared Facebook and Twitter notifications. Browsed Craigslist. Played solitaire. Searched for directions. Checked email. Googled some random question about something or other.  Maybe even caught up on the latest episode of your favorite sitcom.

Winning the Battle – Part Four – Making it Easy

Last October I started a series to look at ways you can effectively compete and WIN the battle for contributions. Do you not think you are in a competition for charitable dollars? You might want to review these statistics. It is not simply a checklist of things you can work on for two weeks and move on. But instead, it will require a significant amount of time and energy.  For many of you, this may mean a complete rework of how you currently approach stewardship and generosity in your church.

church online giving

Part One was devoted to Mission
Part Two was devoted to Communication
Part Three considered “Donor Stewardship”

This issue looks at Options for Receiving Gifts…Making it Easy for your donors to give to your organization.

Eleven Reasons NOT to Offer Online Giving

For every church, non-profit, and other organization who is wondering if they should offer online giving- Here are 11 reasons NOT to offer online giving:

church online giving

1. You want to frustrate those who no longer use checks or carry cash. Many today, especially those under age 30, do not carry or use checks. Nor do they carry much cash. Their financial lives revolve around the use of debit and credit cards. So when offering time comes, they are frustrated, even embarrassed that they are unprepared to participate.

2. You do not want to link stories of life change to generosity. After watching a video you’ve uploaded that tells the story of a new life in Christ that occurred as a result of your church’s ministry, why not provide a link to your online giving page? Help your donors connect the dots between their generosity and the impact it is having through your ministry.