Does Your Welcome Mat Say “Welcome Back”?

It happens every weekend. Well, I’m guessing you at least pray for it to happen every weekend. A family who has never been to your church walks in the front door. You identify them by the “I’m-not-sure-where-to-go” confusion on their faces. Your friendly greeter welcome them. You introduce yourself and thank them for coming. You offer them directions to the children’s ministry for the kiddos. You encourage them to get free coffee in the guest area.

welcome back to church

We’ve become very good at this part. It’s almost natural, isn’t it? Offering a bit of warmth and hospitality just feels good!

The Importance of Follow Up – Part III

In the previous posts we explored the first six considerations for achieving strong results during the giving phase of your capital initiative. I refer to this giving period as Campaign Enhancement (CE).

Here are the final considerations to achieve 90% or better in your campaign fulfillment:

7. Celebrating Milestones

Take every opportunity to communicate and celebrate giving milestones – those “good news” stories that help maintain momentum through the giving phase. As much as possible, we want to keep all communication coming from a positive position.

The Importance of Follow Up – Part I

Congratulations to St. John’s Lutheran Church in the St. Louis metro area. February marked the end of their 3-year capital giving initiative. They finished the effort by collecting 99.6% of the total amount committed back in March 2007!

Last week I was on-site with a capital campaign client, touring their new facilities while meeting with the pastor to review strategy. With 8 months remaining in their three-year giving phase, the church is running at 105% of projection!