The Importance of Follow Up – Part I

Congratulations to St. John’s Lutheran Church in the St. Louis metro area. February marked the end of their 3-year capital giving initiative. They finished the effort by collecting 99.6% of the total amount committed back in March 2007!

Last week I was on-site with a capital campaign client, touring their new facilities while meeting with the pastor to review strategy. With 8 months remaining in their three-year giving phase, the church is running at 105% of projection!

Social Media Warning!

I ran across this over the weekend and it got me thinking. Thought I should share it with you…

There is a website called Please Rob Me that tracks posts from users of Foursquare. Foursquare users post where they are so others who are nearby can get together if they choose. It’s kind of a game too. Businesses use it to reward frequent customers. I don’t use Foursquare, but I believe that is a rough description of the site. Innocent enough.

Please Rob Me takes those posts from Foursquare and puts them on their website – alerting anyone who uses Please Rob Me that your home may be empty – hence the website name. They also have a link on their site to filter a twitter search.

While Please Rob Me does not track and post users of Twitter (yet), the same philosophy would work and for all we know, another site may be in place that does that very thing. I have always wondered why someone, especially a man, would want to post that he is in a different city for a 3-day job, visit, conference, etc. That is like putting a sign in the yard that says I’m not home, but my wife and daughter are, and they’re alone. Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of doing it.

I will stop posting on Twitter anything that says I am currently out of town. Perhaps a tweet after the fact, but not one that says I am out of town, or about to be…

The Importance of Good Church Communication

Over one million nonprofits exist in America today. Nonprofits compete for discretionary dollars. They invest time and money in telling their donors and prospects why giving to them is an important and effective use of their charitable dollars.

encourage each other to give

A recent survey indicated that 89% of Americans give. What percentage of your active members and attendees give? If it is less than 89%, then there are people in your services who believe that their charitable dollars are better used elsewhere. Begin a conversation that regularly tells all the good things that happen when people give to your ministry. Then listen for an even better conversation.

Which Letter Motivates You Toward Greater Generosity?

Recently I had opportunity to revise a letter being prepared for distribution to a church congregation regarding an upcoming meeting to review and approve the “budget” for 2010. A cover letter draft was written for review by the team prior to mailing with the proposed budget.

I very much appreciate the members who have served on this team, some for many years, because it is a direct reflection of their heart for developing a generous culture within their church.

This information is shared to hopefully encourage and enlighten as you prepare similar communications for your ministry. So here are some excerpts of the first draft and the final copy that was used. (Names have been removed for privacy.)

Which letter motivates you toward greater generosity?

You Are Competing for Ministry Dollars

For years, my family has supported a child (now a teenager) through World Vision. While the part we play is admittedly small, it is something we have chosen to do as a way of involving our children (now also teenagers – yikes!) in another lesson of giving. (Yes, for those of you wondering, this financial support is over and above our tithe, which goes in total to our church.)

To help our kids relate, we intentionally chose to support a young girl that shared the same birth month and year as our youngest daughter. It has made it easier for us to relate to our “adopted” girl in this long distance relationship.

How often do you thank your church family for their faithfulness in giving to support the ministry plan of the church?