Do You Limit the Generosity of Your Church?

Do you limit the generosity of your church? Now, I have to believe you would never intentionally limit the generosity of your church. In fact, I believe you would love it to improve, to grow, to flourish. But are there things you are doing unknowingly, or habits in place at your church, that hinder or interfere with your giving culture?

limited giving aheadI just returned from the UnEarth Conference in Jacksonville this month, and I was blessed again to share information with church leaders from across the country on the topic of generosity. This time the topic was “8 Ceilings that Limit Giving to Your Church” (and several solutions to fix them). My thanks to colleague Brad Leeper, President of Generis, for contributions to this content!

Today I’ll share with you these “ceilings” and we will explore the solutions in my next post, so stay tuned!

First, let’s look at something quickly to get us started. From data collected through Generosity Audits and giving analyses of hundreds of churches, Generis has found the following to be the typical pattern in church giving:


  • 50 give nothing
  • 20 give $1,200
  • 30 give more than $1,200
  • If you have 10 elders/deacons/trustees, 2 are likely not giving
  • 1/3 of your staff is likely not giving

Now those figures might surprise you, but here’s what is typically going on behind the scenes to create such skewed giving metrics.

A Plea for Pastors (That Applies to Everyone)

Last spring, John Piper, pastor and leading author, addressed an embezzlement issue involving David Yonggi Cho, the founder of the world’s largest Pentecostal congregation in South Korea.

pastor plea for leadership“My response to this is really not to pile on any additional condemnation…but rather to try to respond for the rest of us in a way that tries to prevent these kinds of things,” said Piper.

In his response, Piper included five precautions pastors should take related to the possible seduction of money. I’d like to pass them along to you here. Although these were shared in response to an embezzlement situation, they are good reminders for us all at any time.

A Pastor’s Guide To Implement Legacy Giving at Church

In this series on legacy generosity, I have shared with you a top ten list, a $1 M story, my family’s own personal legacy giving journey, the language of legacy giving and reasons for giving a legacy gift.

legacy giving

Let’s wrap up this series with something practical, shall we?

Let’s talk about actually implementing a legacy giving strategy!