I’ve Written the Annual Report… Now What?

Now that you have all the numbers crunched, the photos gathered, and the stories compiled, you can make a big fat check mark on your to-do list and take a nice deep breath… your annual report is finished!

annual report now what?

Or is it?

What you have in your hands is a compilation of some of the greatest successes of your ministry over the last twelve months.

That’s far too important to set on top of that pile of papers on your desk you’ve been meaning to get to for the last year and a half.

Annual Reports Tell Stories that Increase Generosity

An annual report is something I have recommended to you before. As we start another year together this topic is important enough to revisit. The question usually goes something like this… “Why put the time and effort into gathering a bunch of details for another report?”

church annual report

A church’s annual report is not created with the intention of simply providing an overview of financials and numbers (though that’s what most are providing in their reports – if they are doing one at all).

Although those are key elements that should be included in the report, one of the main purposes behind the report is to reflect on the church’s success in accomplishing it’s mission, and how one’s generosity is part of that success.

Effective Annual Reports

Now that you have a solid list of reasons to produce an annual report, what does an effective report look like?

church annual report

Here are links to three reports that are easily accessible through the church’s respective websites. You will note in all three that the reports are colorful and engaging.

They contain images reflecting changed lives, and graphs that reflect a growth in ministry impact.