3 Ways to Celebrate Your Church’s Generosity (and why you should!)

The Christmas season has once again come and gone. You might already be seeing New Year’s resolutions in the rearview mirror. And your people may be settling right back into life as usual. It’s always interesting to see just how quickly that happens, isn’t it?

Video set from TJYour people may also be getting back to their normal routines in giving. But now is the optimal time to reinforce the message of generosity you shared during your special Christmas offering (or your Thanksgiving offering) late last year. Now is the time for celebration!

Here are three ideas you can use in the upcoming weeks to create a celebration of your church’s holiday generosity:

1. Videos, Photos, and Social Media
A picture is worth a thousand words and video is an impactful way to evoke heart-level emotion. With social media channels today, your message can quickly travel far beyond your inner core of people. Any opportunity you have to show your people the result of their generosity is a moment worth taking. (Showing these as introduction to your weekend offering is also tremendously effective!)

Check out this example of how The Gathering used video and social media to celebrate the impact of their previous year’s generosity to encourage this year’s Christmas Eve offering. If this isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is! (Nicely done!)

The Gathering Video

Then they sent out this message and video to build excitement for the upcoming results announcement of this year’s Christmas Eve offering!

I’ve Written the Annual Report… Now What?

Now that you have all the numbers crunched, the photos gathered, and the stories compiled, you can make a big fat check mark on your to-do list and take a nice deep breath… your annual report is finished!

annual report now what?

Or is it?

What you have in your hands is a compilation of some of the greatest successes of your ministry over the last twelve months.

That’s far too important to set on top of that pile of papers on your desk you’ve been meaning to get to for the last year and a half.

Effective Annual Reports

Now that you have a solid list of reasons to produce an annual report, what does an effective report look like?

church annual report

Here are links to three reports that are easily accessible through the church’s respective websites. You will note in all three that the reports are colorful and engaging.

They contain images reflecting changed lives, and graphs that reflect a growth in ministry impact.

7 Reasons You Should Produce an Annual Report

Hopefully 2012 is off to an outstanding start for you and your ministry. And as exciting as it is to look ahead to 2012, it is vital that you review with your people the ministry successes of 2011.

church annual report

January and February are the months companies are required to release to their investors annual reports on the previous year. You will note that many non-profits and churches have learned the value and are doing the same.

But rather than the staid format of spreadsheets and statistics, it is imperative to tell the success story of your ministry through compelling images, stories and graphics.