Thanks for clicking – I’m happy to offer you a FREE giving analysis, and I’m excited about what this will mean for your church!

During a one-hour video conference, using your very own church’s data and an amazing tool called Church Analytics, powered by Pursuant, you will discover your church’s giving potential (and a literal host of other valuable things). You will soon:

  • understand what your giving capacity is, and establish realistic goals based on objective analysis.
  • find your donor rate of retention (churn rate).
  • quickly identify new givers to the ministry and use in conjunction with a first-time donor connect strategy.
  • create ministry opportunities by bringing awareness to church leadership of givers whose giving patterns have slowed or stopped.
  • determine if your giving rate is growing, flat lining, or declining, and do historical giving comparisons.
  • create triggers to surface changes in giving and send push notifications to users when a “trigger” hits.

You’ll be amazed at what we can uncover together!

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