Establishing a Culture of Legacy Giving in Your Church

A study from Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy projects that charities are forecast to receive more than $6 trillion from final estates between 2007 and 2061. This is great news for your ministry. If, that is, your church is among those charities. But because legacy giving—a present decision to make a future gift—is rarely discussed in American churches, it’s likely not.

Legacy Giving

Few things are as frustrating as a ministry with a God-inspired vision that is prevented from fulfilling that vision due to lack of funding. Legacy giving is an important tool that better equips the local church to fully resource the mission and ministry that God has given you to impact your community. To help pastors begin or strengthen their legacy giving strategy, I’ve written a new eBook, Establishing a Culture of Legacy Giving in Your Church. 

Establish a Culture of Legacy Giving

Download your free copy of Establishing a Culture of Legacy Giving in Your Church and learn:

  • Four legacy giving myths
  • Why pastors should talk about gift planning
  • Essential vocabulary and concepts related to gift planning
  • Nine steps to developing an effective legacy giving strategy

Don’t They Know We Could Use That Gift?

For more than a decade, I’ve heard pastors lament after learning that church members gave a large gift to their alma mater or another non-profit organization. The pastors ask me, “Don’t they know we could use that gift, as much or more than the place where they gave it?” If you think legacy gifts are going to appear on their own, you’re wrong. Charitable organizations receive legacy gifts because they work to educate people about the possibilities. Like any charitable gift, legacy gifts must be cultivated.

Start Today

See the legacy conversation as ministry. Engage your people in that conversation, and allow God to work through that conversation to further impact His work. Receive your free download today.

Want to get really intentional about establishing a legacy generosity ministry in your church? Contact me and let’s start a conversation.

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