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Successful churches have several things in common. Among other qualities, they tend to have a generous culture, they’re more concerned with reaching new folks than they are about keeping the ones they already have, and they’re relationship-oriented. And in my experience, effective, growing churches tend to have great communication.

Church Communications

The field of church communications is relatively new, but more and more churches are beginning to realize how important it is to have coordinated, consistent messaging. And so, many pastors are making the great decision to bring on a staff person to do that work.

The trouble is, the world of church communications is complex and requires significant skill in multiple areas: social media, websites, graphic design, storytelling, project management, writing and editing, technology, and more. For a new church communicator, that can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are several resources available to new church communicators, including a new one from the Center for Church Communication called Courageous Storytellers.

Courageous Storytellers is designed with the newbie church communicator in mind. Each month, the site offers 12-15 resources on a particular subject, such as volunteers, social media, email marketing, and generosity (which is how I came to know about it). The resources are highly practical and include templates, planners, webinars, checklists, step-by-step walkthroughs of standard church communicator tasks, and ready-to-use social media graphics. Recent resources include:

  • 4 Ways to Welcome and Connect with Guests
  • Building Your Church’s Social Media Team
  • 52 Ways to Communicate About Giving
  • Church Communicators Christmas Planner
  • The Church Communications Playbook

If your church has recently onboarded a communications coordinator or director—or if you’ve had one for awhile who could use some practical help and encouragement—Courageous Storytellers is a must-have resource.

For more about the connection between church communication and generosity, check out my free eBook, Generosity Speaks.

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  1. You are welcome Kelley. I love what the Center for Church Communication is doing for churches around the country. Keep up the great work!