Webinar Replay – Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving

Last Friday more than 250 church leaders across the country listened in on a moderated discussion on the topic of generosity and technology.

Giving Technology WebinarI was honored to be a part of the conversation, along with Derek Gillette of Pushpay and eChurchGiving, and DJ Chuang a strategy consultant.

In case you missed the webinar live, you can watch it now without a login or email address required.

And be sure to listen for the question asked by a participant that we couldn’t answer! (You guys ask really tough questions!) In case you’re interested in a good laugh, it happened around 26:45 in. Sometimes even a panel of experts doesn’t know the answer!

During this one-hour conversation, we covered some really compelling points:

  • The recently changing methods of giving, and maintaining the worship of the offering moment.
  • Church attendance rates – how they’re impacting giving, and how the church should adapt.
  • How leaders can improve communication around giving to encourage future gifts.
  • Best practices learned after working with thousands of churches to increase generosity.
  • The importance of technology for new and future generations of givers.

Giving in the church is changing because giving in general is changing. Studies have recently shown charitable giving is up, but giving to churches is down.

Why? My friends at Pushpay say this is primarily due to the fact that we experience cutting edge technology Monday through Saturday, but have a “Windows95 experience” on Sunday.

The church is behind the curve. And with 87% of Millennials reporting their smartphone never leaves their side day or night, the churches that don’t adapt to new technologies will lose givers.

Giving Technology E-Book
The content of this webinar goes hand in hand with my latest resource, an e-book called “Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving.” In case you haven’t yet downloaded it, you can do so right now for FREE

Once you’ve downloaded and read the material, let me know how I can help you with either a FREE e-giving review or a FREE giving analysis. Consider it my way of thanking you just for reading the book.

This is one topic you can focus on this summer that can make an impact in the generosity of your church for years to come!

Giving in the church is changing. Are you adapting?



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