Generis Continues Growing Generous Hearts with New Website

How do you grow generous hearts? As a pastor you’ve probably asked yourself (and your other pastor friends) that very question. How do you accelerate generosity in your church? How do you help people take the next step in their giving journey? How do you encourage your people to live radically generous lives?

Generis website

You’re not alone. The team at Generis is asking those same questions, and with more than 600 years of combined ministry and consulting experience on the team, we have a few answers to share.

With the launch of the new Generis website, you can find some of those answers while our team continues growing generous hearts toward God-inspired vision.

In addition to showing you the new Generis branding and logo you may have not yet seen, you’ll also have an opportunity to:

  • hear first-hand stories from pastors just like you who have recently partnered with us.
  • read our consultants’ blog posts, many full of practical information.
  • download a number of free resources written by our team just for you.
  • learn about our process and our approach – what makes us unique.
  • meet and connect with our team of 25 expert consultants across the country.

I encourage you to take a moment and browse through the new site. One of our team’s goals is to provide you with practical help to accelerate generosity in your ministry, to help you create a culture of generosity. We know that true generosity is born out of a discipleship-based approach to giving. It’s making our lives look more like Christ and pouring ourselves out for others in service and devotion.

This generous life is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. We are called to care for the least of these, to build up the local Church, and to make disciples of all nations. With this calling as the foundation for our approach, we do more than help churches and organizations raise money. We help build generous Christ Followers.


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