An Annual Giving Statement that will Impress (and Motivate) your Givers

It’s January. Another year has passed, and a new one has begun. And for many pastors and financial church leaders, that means it’s time to prepare the (often dreaded) annual giving statements. You find yourself trying to make the somewhat daunting process more efficient every year, don’t you? But what if you focused this year on making them more effective instead?

Annual Statements E-BookAre your annual statements effective? By that, I mean do they encourage the future generosity of the giver?

Many churches send an official, transactional-looking statement each January to those who have given the previous year. In fact, we’ve talked about this before. I get it – it meets the IRS requirement, right? (And you would be right.)

But consider this:
“Giving statements are not an exercise in efficiency… our end goal is effective and meaningful communication with the giver,” my Generis colleague Brad Leeper says in his new e-book.

Perhaps this video of personal experience says it best.

In this new e-book titled “Annual Giving Statements: How to Surprise and Delight Your Givers” (a free download for you, by the way), you get practical, step-by-step instructions to completely transform your annual giving statements this month into an encouraging communication your givers will be pleased to receive. (No more “my-giving-doesn’t-matter-to-my-pastor” thinking!)

Plus, you will also get practical tips on crafting an ideal cover letter, making your in-service announcement, creating a video promotion, and much more.

So I encourage you to do three things over the next few days:

  • rethink your annual giving statement strategy
  • download and read the new e-book
  • send a mailing this year that will encourage generosity and make a difference for your people and your ministry

And when you do, please share your results with me. I would love to hear of your success!

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