Is Your Church Prepared To Receive A Portion of The $59 Trillion?

We are now witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

church revenue stream

As reported by CNBC, a new study from Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy projects that heirs, charities, and taxes will receive $59 trillion between 2007 and 2061. (Yes, that’s trillion with a T!) This is up from a 1999 projection of $41 trillion.

Charities in particular are forecast to receive more than $6 trillion of this wealth transfer, while total gifts to charity during this period are expected to be more than $27 trillion.

Pastor, are you ready for this? Is your church prepared?

Are you encouraging your members, who are forgetting your church in their estate plans, to consider legacy giving?

I recently completed a series of blog posts on the topic of legacy giving.

And with this updated calculation of wealth transfer, what better timing than now to take a quick inventory on how you are doing in this area!

And, just to make it a bit easier, here are direct links to those posts for quick reference:

Are you interested in learning more about how legacy giving can have a long-term impact on your ministry? I would love to start a conversation with you!

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