Random Act of Culture

I just learned of a surprise “Random Act of Culture” that occurred on, Oct. 30 at Macy’s in Philadelphia.

church giving

A project of the Knight Foundation, they are offering 1,000 random acts of culture over the next 3 years around the United States.

The act at Macy’s involved the Opera Company of Philadelphia, secretly posing as shoppers when suddenly, accompanied by the world’s largest pipe organ, all 600 singers burst into the Hallelujah Chorus.

Can you imagine the sound, surrounded by 600 professional vocalists accompanied by that massive pipe organ? Isn’t it fun to give when people least expect it? I love this!! That Christ was exalted in this way, is amazing. What a great act of generosity!

As I watched the video, I was struck by another thought: isn’t this exactly the way, Christ’s return on earth will occur? When we least expect it, going about our daily routine, suddenly there will be a sound unlike any, we have ever heard. I can’t wait! Can you? Are you ready?

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